Upper Albany, Connecticut

Upper Albany, CT, was founded by two brothers, Amos and Aaron Upper, in 1799. The Upper brothers were Quakers who left the town of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, to start their community. Upper Albany was one of the earliest settlements in the area and was initially known as Upper Bethlehem. The town was renamed Upper Albany in 1814 in honor of Prince George Frederick Augustus, the Duke of Albany. Upper Albany is located in the Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut and is home to some of the state’s most beautiful scenery. The town has approximately 1,500 people and is a popular tourist destination. Upper Albany is known for its charming historic homes, picturesque village green, and rolling hillsides.

Upper Albany, CT is located in Colonie, Albany County, New York. Upper Albany is a residential neighborhood that is home to many families. Upper Albany boasts a strong community spirit, with plenty of local businesses and organizations that residents can get involved in.

Upper Albany, CT is governed by the Upper Albany Board of Education and the Upper Albany Village Board. Upper Albany is located in Litchfield County and is easily accessible from Upper Albany Road, Zion Hill Road, and Upper Bethlehem Road.

One of Upper Albany’s most popular spots is Upper Albany Park. This park features a playground, a baseball field, and many other amenities. Upper Albany Elementary School is also located in Upper Albany. Upper Albany Elementary is an excellent school with highly-rated teachers committed to helping children excel beyond state standards.

Upper Albany, CT, is a historic town that offers residents an active community life with plenty of opportunities for getting involved. Upper Albany bank provides many.

Many families call Upper Albany home due to its safe streets, good local schools, friendly neighbors, and affordable housing options. Upper Albany is a beautiful place to live. Upper Albany real estate is also affordable, with many homes being valued under $200,000. Upper Albany residents who want downtown living without city prices can still enjoy the culture and excitement of neighboring Troy or Saratoga Springs.

Upper Albany, CT, is an excellent choice for those looking for a smaller town feels while still close to larger cities. Upper Albany has a lot to offer its residents, and Upper Albany real estate is an excellent place to invest in. Upper Albany, CT is abundant with amenities that Upper Albany residents can enjoy and much more.

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