The Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum in Harford is a fun and exciting place to take the kids. There are always new exhibits coming to the museum and it is one of those places that bring children and parents together to enjoy themselves as well as learn something new. It can keep your child busy for hours with educational interactive exhibits, many favorite attractions, and special events.

1. It’s Affordable

A visit to The Children’s Museum is affordable. There are discounts available with the purchase of multi-visit passes as well as for qualifying groups and families. Everyone can afford it.

2. It’s Interactive

There are many exhibits that children can interact with hands-on, from an art studio where they can paint and draw their favorite scenes to a grocery store for pretend play. The museum has even been used as a teen hangout by local teens who enjoy the large gymnasium and wide variety of activities available.

3. It Has Lots of Fun Attractions

The Children’s Museum is home to a number of fun attractions that will keep your child busy for hours on end. These attractions include a carousel, train, and climbing wall as well as a variety of play areas designed for toddlers through elementary-aged children.

4. The Museum Offers Classes

The Children’s Museum offers classes for your children every day of the week. Whether they want to make new friends or learn how to paint, there is something available for them. Classes can be taken in the art studio, theater classroom and even outside on the playgrounds.

5. You Can Visit Recreationally or for School Trips

The Children’s Museum is open to the public and welcomes school trips. There are a variety of packages available that cater to each type of visit, whether you want to come for the day or spend a week learning about the local history.

6. You Can Volunteer

The Children’s Museum welcomes volunteers and offers a number of different opportunities for those who want to help out. From helping with classes to leading tours, there is something for everyone.

7. It’s a Good Place to Take a Break

If you’re looking for a place to take a break while the kids are entertained, The Children’s Museum is the perfect spot. With so many attractions and play areas, there is no shortage of things for you to do while they play. It can be a great spot to balance out your day and unwind with the kids.

The Children’s Museum is a nice place to visit whether it is for an afternoon or a day. It is hands-on and educational and they have something that everyone will enjoy. There is always something new and exciting at The Children’s Museum in Harford County.

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