Reservoir – Whiskey Hill Bridgeport CT

If you are thinking about moving to the Reservoir – Whiskey Hill neighborhood of Bridgeport, CT, you’ve come to the right place. This neighborhood is a great choice if you’re looking for a home with a low crime rate and a short commute downtown. There are 40 homes for sale in Reservoir – Whiskey Hill, and you’re sure to find a home you love!

As you browse the available properties in Reservoir – Whiskey Hill, Bridgeport, CT, you’ll find that prices are significantly lower than the average in the city. Houses in Reservoir-Whiskey Hill, Bridgeport, CT range from $579,900 to $706,186. In comparison to the median home price in Bridgeport, the cost of a Reservoir-Whiskey Hill, CT home is only $213,198.

Reservoir – Whiskey Hill is located in the central area of Bridgeport, CT, which is the city’s largest neighborhood. It covers 1.6 square miles and has 134 residential submarkets. It is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bridgeport, CT, and is considered one of the most affordable. Residents of this neighborhood choose it based on its location, affordability, and overall lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a college student-friendly neighborhood or a suburban neighborhood with a moderate income, Reservoir-Whiskey Hill East may be an option. In this article, we’ll look at the neighborhood’s vacancy rate, commute times, and moderate-income households. In addition, we’ll cover its low vacancy rate. You can find out more about Reservoir-Whiskey Hill East by reading the following article.

Reservoir – Whiskey Hill East is a college student-friendly neighborhood.

Compared to the rest of Connecticut, Reservoir – Whiskey Hill is a highly valuable and safe neighborhood. Its median home price of $300K is also considerably lower than the average for this area, indicating that it’s a good investment for college students. There’s also a great deal to like about Reservoir-Whiskey Hill East, including its proximity to Bridgeport’s college campus.

The Reservoir – Whiskey Hill is a diverse neighborhood, with residents hailing from several different ethnicities. Almost 10% of residents are of Haitian or Dominican descent. In addition, nearly nine percent of the residents speak French at home, making it a highly diverse area. Regardless, of your educational background, Reservoir-Whiskey Hill East is a great place to call home.

It has a long commute.

When looking for a place to live in Connecticut, Reservoir-Whiskey Hill might be a great choice. This Bridgeport, CT neighborhood has only nine houses for rent. It has a short commute to work, allowing residents to walk to work or take public transportation. While the average commute is nearly an hour and a half, this area is also a great choice for families.

The median home value is $245,741 in Reservoir – Whiskey Hill, which is lower than 65.1% of Bridgeport neighborhoods. While the median home price in Reservoir is lower than most in Bridgeport, it’s higher than the average in the U.S., according to NeighborhoodScout. The median rent is $2,163, which is higher than 70.1% of all Bridgeport neighborhoods. The commute from Reservoir to Whiskey Hill in Bridgeport, CT is about eighty minutes, and the neighborhood has a park.

It has a moderate income.

The median income of residents of Reservoir – Whiskey Hill is $50,300. This is higher than the average income for the city of Bridgeport. House prices are on the higher side of the spectrum in the Brooklawn/St. Vincent neighborhood, which is also close by. The neighborhood has a moderate income level, with over half of the homes being rented.

The Reservoir – Whiskey Hill neighborhood is particularly notable for its college student population. Although this neighborhood is above average for safety, the area’s proximity to a college campus means that residents may have more access to college-related amenities than the average Bridgeport neighborhood. It also features above-average school attendance and a high number of shops with signs in several languages.

It has a low vacancy rate.

The Reservoir – Whiskey Hill neighborhood in Bridgeport, CT has a low vacancy rate and is a great place to buy a home. It is located just 2.5 miles away from the city’s central business district. Residents of Reservoir-Whiskey Hill are attracted to the low vacancy rate and low price points of the neighborhood.

Residents of this neighborhood tend to earn higher incomes than their neighbors in other Bridgeport neighborhoods. The average home price in Reservoir – Whiskey Hill is about $50,000 less than the national average. The neighborhood’s child poverty rate is high, with 31.6% of residents living below the federal poverty line. Reservoir-Whiskey Hill neighborhoods have a higher rate of childhood poverty than the average U.S. neighborhood.

It has Jamaican and Haitian ancestry.

The residents of Reservoir – Whiskey Hill, a predominantly white neighborhood in Bridgeport, CT, are highly diverse and proud of their heritage. While English is the primary language, other popular languages include Haitian and Spanish. This neighborhood is influenced by Caribbean culture and is considered a “hot” neighborhood, which means it is likely to sell quickly.

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