North End Bridgeport

Trumbull Town to the north and Fairfield Town to the west together make up the North End neighborhood. Located in the northeast portion of the city near Reservoir/Whiskey Hill on one side and Brooklawn/St. Vincent on the other side.

Mostly residential in nature, it is a neighborhood with some pockets of higher-density development on the west side of the neighborhood as well as a commercial district along Main Street. There is a significant amount of parkland/open space in the vicinity, including three large parks: Veterans Memorial Park, Puglio Park, and Elton Rogers Park. The neighborhood is also home to a large body of water called Lake Forest.

The neighborhood has a higher than average share of owner-occupied homes (69%). The North End had over one-third of its jobs in the education and health services sectors in 2000, which was attributable to its proximity to St. Vincent’s Medical Center.


  • Veterans Memorial Park
  • Puglio Park
  • Elton Rogers Park

Points of Interest

  • Discovery Museum
  • Adventure Park at Discovery Museum
  • Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course
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