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Navigating a criminal or civil case presents a significant challenge. The process not only involves dealing with stress but also the inconvenience of potentially remaining in jail during the ongoing trial. Thankfully, bail bonds in Manchester, CT are readily accessible to provide assistance. By posting bail, you can avoid jail time during the trial and enjoy your freedom.

The court permits defendants to post bail, establishing a cash amount that you can pay to secure your release from police custody. Let’s explore the benefits of bail bond services and how to secure them.

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Bail provides a mechanism for accused individuals to secure their release from detention during an ongoing case if they can meet the court’s stipulated amount. After paying the bail, you’ll secure your release, but must ensure your presence at all court proceedings. View bail as a pre-trial limitation; it holds the defendant accountable to the court and compels their attendance when summoned. Regardless of being found guilty or innocent, you’ll receive a return of your bail amount.

The Job Of a Local Bail Bondsman

A bail bond, a type of surety bond, comes from a surety bond company with the help of a bail agent who secures the defendant’s release. It’s well known that not everyone has the means to afford bail, which can reach thousands of dollars, making a bail bond crucial. Two types of bail exist: civil and criminal. A civil bail bond guarantees the payment of debt, including interest and charges. On the other hand, a criminal bail bond applies to criminal cases and ensures the defendant’s appearance at trial when summoned by the court.

How Do CT Bail Bonds Services Work?

A judge sets the bail for the defendant, who must pay the full amount to gain freedom during the ongoing case. Given the considerable sum involved, many people turn to bail bonds to cover the amount. Defendants can seek help from bail bondsmen, who can secure the bail in the form of collateral. They may also request assets from the defendant to use as collateral. If you don’t have any collateral, the bail bondsman will approach your friends and relatives for assistance.

The defendant must pay the bail bondsman 10% of the bail amount, along with the collateral. Depending on the defendant’s adherence to court summons, this money could be returned. If the defendant attends court during the trial, the bail bond dissolves at the case’s conclusion, and the collateral is returned. The 10% fee serves as the bondsman’s profit for their services. However, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond is forfeited, and the court demands 90% of the bail. The defendant’s collateral can then be used to cover the remaining bail amount.

Capitol Bail Bonds is your best bet for promptly getting your loved ones released from jail. As a bail bonds company in Connecticut, we provide timely, trustworthy, and affordable bail bond services. If you live in Connecticut, we can provide the services you need. For more information, you can visit our bail bond offices and we’ll assist you with your concerns.

We offer various bail bonds for motor vehicles, criminal cases, DUI cases, and more. We are your top choice for bail bond services.

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Bail bonds hold significant importance as not everyone can immediately gather the funds to secure the defendant’s release from detention. Bail bondsmen can take on the task of negotiating for you, as well as managing the defendant’s release.

Given the complexity of this process, these professionals offer reliable assistance in helping your family member get released from detention.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds Manchester, CT


Q: What is a bail bond?

A: A bail bond is a legal contract between a bail bondsman, the court, and the defendant, ensuring that the defendant will appear in court on their scheduled court date. The bond amount is set by the court, and the bail bondsman puts up the full amount of the bail on behalf of the defendant.

Q: How do I get a bail bond in Manchester, CT?

A: Contact a local bail bond agency, like Capitol Bail Bonds, either online or by calling (860) 524-5245. With 24-hour bail bonds service, we’re here to help you anytime, day or night.

Q: How much do bail bonds near Manchester cost?

A: In Connecticut, a bail bond typically costs 10% of the total bail amount. At Capitol Bail Bonds, we offer affordable bail bond services and payment plans to help ease the financial burden on our clients.

Q: What is a 24 hour bail bond?

A: A 24-hour bail bond means that you can get your loved one out of jail at any time of day or night. At Capitol Bail Bonds, we pride ourselves on being dependable, professional, and available 24 hours a day.

Q: Can I get a bail bond for someone in another state?

A: No, you must obtain a bail bond for someone in the state they have been arrested in.

Q: What is the bail process?

A: After someone is arrested, they must go through the bail process to be released from jail. This includes setting bail, the defendant contacting a bail bond agency, and the agency posting bail on behalf of the defendant.

Q: What happens if the defendant fails to appear in court?

A: If the defendant fails to appear in court on their scheduled court date, the court may issue a warrant for their arrest, and the bail bond will be forfeited.

Q: Can I make payments on a bail bond with a payment plan?

A: Yes, at Capitol Bail Bonds, we offer payment plans to help make the bail bond process more affordable for our clients.

Q: What areas does your bail company serve?

A: We serve Manchester, CT, as well as surrounding areas such as Hartford, East Hartford, Windsor, South Windsor, Glastonbury, New Britain, and throughout Hartford County and Connecticut.

Q: Why should I choose Capitol Bail Bonds?

A: At Capitol Bail Bonds, we offer the best service and professional bail bondsmen to help you through the bail process. With local Manchester bail bondsmen and 24-hour service, we’re here to help you get your loved one out of jail fast. Don’t hesitate to
contact us at (860) 524-5245. Our clients would definitely recommend our services.

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