Capitol Bail Bonds is a leader in bail bonds in Connecticut that has experience working with individuals from all over the country. If you are arrested in Connecticut but claim residence in another state, we will be happy to discuss your specific situation and assist you in any way we can 24/7.  

Being charged with a crime in a state you’re not a resident of can be scary and nerve-wracking! Let Capitol Bail Bonds help you post bail so you can figure out your next course of action.

Arrest Outside of Your Home State

No matter what crime the police charge you with, it’s safe to say it’s certainly not an ideal situation to find yourself in. Whether you have recently been charged with marijuana possession or something more serious like a felony, the process can often have lasting repercussions, especially if you are arrested or charged in another state.

If you find yourself in legal trouble outside your home state, it is imperative you know your rights and how this process outside of your home state could impact a wide variety of factors. Failing to be familiar with the state’s specific legal process is never an excuse for failing to follow proper procedure.

Fortunately, most U.S. states operate similarly in terms of the general process. However, each state and even county might have specific differences in how they process your case. Arming yourself with the knowledge of how a typical arrest works will give you a reasonable idea of what to expect. Typically a judge will determine whether you can post bail while you await your court hearings.  They will also take your entire history and alleged crime into consideration when determining whether or not to grant you bail.

What To Do If You’re Arrested in another State

If you do find yourself being arrested in another state here are a few suggestions to ensure you can make the process as easy as possible.

Hire someone who knows the laws in the arresting state. Though it might be tempting to call a family member or friend back home who has a law background, you should always work with legal counsel is familiar with the specific state laws where you’ve been arrested.

If you need help with bail and bond, be sure to contact a local bondsman who has extensive knowledge and experience in the state. If you are visiting Connecticut, for example, and have recently been charged or arrested, we will be happy to assist you. Give us a call today at 860-558-2916.

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