Connecticut DUI Bail Bonds

One of the most common crimes in the United States, driving under the influence, can often result in hefty fines and even more severe punishments. If a police officer suspects you of a DUI, the officer will first run a background check and take your fingerprints before proceeding further.  In some cases, officers may ask you to give blood to determine your blood alcohol levels or confirm traces of other illegal substances.


Driving Under the Influence

As with most crimes in the United States, an officer’s suspicion of driving under the influence does not automatically mean you will be found guilty. To be convicted of a DUI, you must be proven guilty in the court of law.  The arresting officer will work to document your behavior, state of mind, and other relevant information to share with the judge who will decide the final verdict. In many cases, hiring a DUI lawyer can help you reduce any potential fines or punishments in accordance with the law.

If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you will be held in custody until the judge determines whether to deny or grant your bail. In most DUI cases, you can pay your bond to be released from custody until your future court day. When determining the amount at which your bail is set, the judge will look at a variety of factors before coming to a decision. Is this your first offense? How intoxicated were you? Do you have a history of other crime or unlawful behavior?

Bail Bonds for DUIs in Connecticut

If you have been previously charged with a DUI, your bail will naturally be higher than if it’s a first-time offense. Given the number of accidents and deaths caused by driving under the influence, the state of Connecticut takes suspected DUIs very seriously. Again, while you are innocent until proven guilty, DUIs can be very costly, both financially and emotionally.

If a judge decides to grant you bail, you can pay the bail amount and return home as long as you agree to appear at any future court hearings.  Failing to report to any of these hearings can result in even more severe fines and punishments.

If you are unable to afford bail, in the state of Connecticut, you can hire a bail bondsman like us at Capitol Bail Bonds to assist you in your time of need. For a small fee, you can gain your release from custody and return to your everyday life until your court proceedings. Being in police custody is often a stressful and emotional experience, and returning home is a great way to clear your mind and deal with the situation appropriately. As mentioned, many DUI defendants will retain the services of a lawyer to determine any potential legal options they might pursue to reduce their punishment or in some cases have the judge completely throw out their case.

At Capitol Bail Bonds, we have helped thousands of people all over Connecticut post their bond in DUI related cases and are here for you 24/7 if you need assistance if you’re charged with a DUI.



A phone call is the quickest way to get the bail process started. We will be able to ask you a few pertinent questions to better understand your situation and move forward.

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