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If you or a loved one have recently been charged with disorderly conduct, in the state of Connecticut, you often have the option to post bail. When you post bail, you’re essentially making a financial commitment to the judge that you will return for future court hearings and follow all orders given by the judge. Given that many offenders consider bail to be a serious financial commitment, it is usually an effective deterrent for failing to return to court.


Bail for Disorderly Conduct Charges

Because the charge of disorderly conduct is less serious in nature compared to other crimes like felonies, for example, bail is virtually never denied under these minor charges. Usually with the charge of disorderly conduct, most individuals can post a small amount of bail and get out of holding until their court hearings are set. The amount at which bail is set is determined by the judge, and he or she will take into account your previous criminal history, if any. Most of the time, a charge of disorderly conduct will involve a small fine and, at worst, a night or two in jail.  

Here are a few scenarios in which you might be charged with disorderly conduct under Connecticut law.

Examples of Disorderly Conduct

  • Screaming profanities at an individual while driving or walking by
  • Playing music too loudly despite numerous warnings and requests to turn it down
  • “Roughhousing” in a public place such as a park or pool
  • Physical fighting that does not cause serious injury to anyone involved
  • Harassing or engaging in generally intimidating behavior

While the above list is not conclusive, the judge will take a wide range of factors into account when deciding your bail amount and if any further charges are warranted. The judge must also reasonably conclude that your behavior was intentional rather than accidental and will work to determine your intent based on the police report and eyewitness testimony. Crimes that fall under the disorderly conduct label rarely carry long-lasting legal repercussions.   

Have you recently been charged with disorderly conduct and need assistance with bail bonds? Capitol Bail Bonds will be happy to assist you, and our team can be reached 24/7 to help you post bail. Give us a call today: 860-524-5245


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