Cedar Hill Cemetery

Cedar hill cemetery found in Hartford, Connecticut is a 5-acre museum that carries more than 70,000 bodies. It is home to the final resting places of many notable Americans, such as –

1) William Gillette who was the famous playwright and actor best known for portraying Sherlock Holmes in 1901 on Broadway,

2) Fanny Allen, a distinguished philanthropist and the first woman to graduate from Yale Medical School,

3) Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and one of the most influential women of her time.

The cemetery has also been a place for public memorial services. On April 21, 1865, Abraham Lincoln’s funeral train made a stop at Cedar Hill in which fifteen thousand people showed up to pay their last respects.

From the perspectives of conservation and restoration, Cedar hill cemetery is very important because it keeps records of 19th century funerary architecture; however, the management has been criticized for mismanagement of funds and neglecting several tombs. The Friends Of Cedar Hill Cemetery (FOCHC), a non-profit organization, has been taking charge to restore and preserve this cemetery. There are many reasons why you should visit Cedar Hill Cemetery including;

1. To appreciate the architecture and design of 19th and early 20th century funerary art.

This structure was built in 1888 which is from the Queen Anne architectural period. The architect of the monument was a man named Thomas Silloway and it is a 35 ft tall granite obelisk.

This building has some resemblances with the Pantheon of Rome, especially its dome-shaped structure and circular pillars which form a portico. It is a beautiful and well-preserved example of funerary architecture from that period.

2. To learn about the lives of some notable Americans.

There are many interesting stories and facts about the people buried at Cedar hill Cemetery which you can learn about on the FOCHC website or on the cemetery’s app.

3. To pay your respects to those who have passed.

This cemetery is a place where people come to remember and honor the lives of their loved ones. It is a solemn and peaceful place where you can reflect on the past and appreciate the beauty of life.

4. To support the restoration and preservation efforts of Cedar Hill Cemetery.

The FOCHC is a non-profit organization that relies on donations from the public to fund its restoration and preservation efforts. If you are interested in supporting their work, please visit their website or donate directly to them.

If you are ever in the Hartford, Connecticut area, it is highly recommend visiting Cedar Hill Cemetery. It is a fascinating place with lots of history, architecture, and stories to explore.

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