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If you have a criminal or a civil case where a court proceeding can be required, bail bonds in New Canaan, CT are extremely beneficial to you. No one would like to stay in jail while waiting for the court proceeding since you may still be regarded as innocent unless you are proven guilty.

This is the reason why the court enables the defendant to post bail and roam free while the court proceeding is still ongoing. There’s also certain instances where bail won’t be allowed and it could be because of a decision by the court or the nature of the case itself.

We could see how these bail bonds work and how you could receive the best bail bond services if someone in your loved ones needs it.

How Does Bail Actually Works?

Bail is a procedure where the offenders might be released from detention while the case is still ongoing so long as they’re going to be able to pay the amount set by the court. If you actually paid the bail, you’ll absolutely be released from detention, but you should assure that you will attend the court proceedings. Bail can be viewed as as a pre-trial restriction since it will make sure that the accused will abide by the court and show up when they are called upon. The amount will unquestionably be returned to you if you’ll appear through the trial. It won’t matter if you are guilty or innocent as it will still be returned to you.

The Job Of Bail Bonds

A bail bond is actually a surety bond offered by a surety bond company, but you’ll need a bail agent to secure your release from jail. Bail bonds are incredibly important because not everybody can afford a bail and the court will simply accept full payments.

There are 2 kinds of bail bonds – Criminal bail bond and Civil Bail bond. Civil bail bond is typically used for civil cases to ensure that the accused can be paying the debt, plus interest and charges.

For a criminal bail bond, it is used for criminal cases and it’ll guarantee that the accused will show up for trial once the court calls up them.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The bail is set by the judge for the accused so if he or she wants to be free while the case is on-going, he or she needs to pay the amount in full. This is a very large amount of cash so plenty of people are thinking of getting bail bonds to cover the total amount. The defendant can ask for assistance from bail bondsmen because they are the people who will secure the bail amount for you in a kind of collateral and they will ask for some assets from the defendant that they can use.

If you won’t be able to provide any collateral, the bail bondsman can ask your friends and relatives to help assist you with this.

A defendant will be required to pay 10% of the bail amount to the bondsman together with the collateral. The next process will invariably depend on the defendant. If the defendant will appear in all of his or her trial, the bail bond will be dissolved when it’s done and the collateral could be returned as well. Nonetheless, the 10% fee can be taken by the bondsman as a fee for their service.

If the accused won’t appear in the court proceedings, the bail bond will unquestionably be given up and the court will require the rest of the 90% of the bail and it would come from the collateral given to the bail bondsman. You cannot anticipate the collateral to return to you.

Capitol Bail Bonds will absolutely be your best option if you would like your family to be released from jail immediately. We’re a bail bonds company located in Connecticut and we can provide timely and inexpensive bail bond services. If you’re living in Connecticut and you need money for your bail, we will offer the services that you’ll require. You could simply visit our bail bond workplaces and we will right away help you be released from detention.

We are dealing with various types of bail bonds including motor vehicle, criminal, DUI cases and much more. With regards to bail bond services, we’re your best choice.

If you do not have the money to post bail, you must ask for assistance from bail bondsmen and they’ll cover the cost for you. The bail bondsmen will be the one negotiating on your behalf and they could handle your release as soon as possible.


A phone call is the quickest way to get the bail process started. We will be able to ask you a few pertinent questions to better understand your situation and move forward.

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