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Coping with a criminal or civil case is very tricky because apart from the stress that you are going to have to go through throughout the process, you also have to consider your stay in jail while the trial is ongoing. It is an excellent thing that bail bonds in Cornwall, CT are now accessible to help you on your issues. Well, you will not have to spend your time in jail while the trial is going on if you may post bail and roam free.

The court can be the one to permit the defendant to post bail and they can also be the one which will set the amount that you’ll have to pay. Let’s take a consider the advantages of bail bond services and how to get it.

How Does Bail Works?

Bail is a procedure where the accused is meant to be released while the trial is ongoing and they’re going to have to pay a set amount of money that would be decided by the court. When the accused paid the bail, they will be permitted to be released from police custody, but they’ve got to attend the court proceedings.

Bail is a pre-trial restriction and it is a strategy to be sure that the defendants will comply when the court calls for them. When the defendant shows up, the bail will be returned at the end of the case.

It will not matter if you are going to be sentenced as guilty or not guilty because as long as you attend the court proceedings, the bail could be returned to you.

The Job Of Bail Bonds

A bail bond is actually a surety bond offered by a surety bond company, but you are going to need a bail agent to secure your release from jail. Bail bonds are very essential because not everyone can afford a bail and the court will only accept full payments.

There are 2 types of bail bonds – Criminal bail bond and Civil Bail bond. Civil bail bond can be used for civil cases to be sure that the accused will pay the debt, plus interest and costs.

As for Criminal bail bond, it’s used for criminal cases and guarantees that the defendant would appear for trial when they are called upon by the court.

What Is The Process?

The judge can be the one to set the bail amount for the defendant and if the accused wants to get out of detention, then he or she can have to pay the bail amount in full. Bail is a large amount of money so lots of people won’t be able to afford it. This is certainly where bail bonds come in and the defendant will ask for help from bail bondsmen to help pay for the bail. The bail bondsman can get the bail amount in the kind of collateral. They’ll ask the accused to give some assets that may be used as collateral. If the accused won’t be able to produce any assets for collateral, the bondsman can ask the help of the relatives and friends of the defendant.

A accused could be required to pay the bondsman 10% of the bail amount along with the full collateral. The accused would actually be the one to decide what would happen next.

If a accused appears in court during the trial, the bail bond will be dissolved upon the final outcome of the case and the collateral could be returned to the person who posted it. The 10% fee will stay with the bondsman as profit.

If the defendant will fail to appear in court, the bail bond will surely be forfeited and the court will ask for the rest of the 90% of the bail. The bondsman can be using the collateral of the accused to pay the rest of the bail amount in court.

Capitol Bail Bonds can be your best option if you would like you or your family to be released from detention. We’re referred to as a bail bonds company in Connecticut and we will offer an inexpensive and timely bail bond services. We can provide the services that you are searching for if you’re living in Connecticut. You may visit our bail bond offices and we can help you on your worries or you can also ask for info.

We are providing different bail bonds like motor vehicle, criminal, DUI cases and much more. When you’re discussing bail bond services, we are the best choice.

Bail bonds are extremely important since not everyone can afford to pay for the pail to help take the accused out. Bail bondsmen will be accountable in negotiating for you and they’re going to handle the release of the accused as soon as probable.

This is a very difficult process so you could absolutely rely on these professionals to help your family get out from detention while the case is still ongoing.


A phone call is the quickest way to get the bail process started. We will be able to ask you a few pertinent questions to better understand your situation and move forward.

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