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If you are presently coping with a criminal case where a court proceeding is necessary, bail bonds in Chester, CT might be beneficial. Nobody wants to stay in jail while they’re waiting for the court proceeding. The court will allow the defendant to roam free while the proceeding is still ongoing as long as they can post bail. Although there are cases where bail isn’t allowed based on the crime of the defendant, the court will be the one to decide if posting bail is possible or not. We can consider the explanation why bail is required and also the importance of bail bond services if you want to get out of detention while your case is still in court.

How Does Bail Work?

Bail is referred to as the process where the accused can have to pay a set fee of money set by the court so they’ll be released while the trial is on-going. When this is already paid, the defendant can get out and roam free, but they’ll have to be sure that they will attend their court proceedings. This is a pre-trial restriction and the bail will serve as an assurance that the defendant will comply with the judicial procedure. If the accused will appear for trial, the money will be returned right after the case.

It is going to not really matter if the accused is guilty or not as the function of the bail is to encourage the defendant to attend their trial.

The Job Of Bail Bonds

A bail bond is a surety bond offered by a surety bond company with the help of a bail agent. This agent will be responsible in securing your release from jail. We all realize that bail is very pricey and it would cost thousands of dollars so not everybody can pay for it. There are 2 known types of bail bond referred to as civil bail bond and criminal bail bond. Civil bail bond is actually meant as a type of guarantee for the defendant to pay the debt along with the interests and charges. For criminal bail bond, it is frequently used for criminal cases and it can guarantee that the accused will show up for trial once the court asks them to.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

The bail is set by the judge for the accused so if he or she would like to be free while the case is on-going, he or she needs to pay the total amount in full. It’s a large amount of money so most people consider bail bonds to cover this amount. The defendant can ask for assistance from bail bondsmen since they are the folks who will secure the bail amount for you in a form of collateral and they’re going to ask for some assets from the defendant that they could use.

If you cannot provide any collateral, the bail bondsman can ask your friends and relatives to assist you with this.

The accused needs to pay 10% of the bail amount to the bondsman along with the collateral. The money will then be returned to the defendant, but it’s commonly based on how he will respond with the proceedings. If the accused appears in court throughout the trial, the bail bond can be dissolved once the case is concluded and the collateral can also be returned. The 10% fee could be considered as the profit of the bondsman for the services that they offered. If the accused will not appear in court, the bail bond can be given up and the court will ask for the 90% of the bail to be paid. The collateral given by the defendant would really be used to pay the bail amount.

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If you don’t have the money to post bail, you’ll have to ask for the aid of bail bonds as they could help you cover the cost. The bail bondsmen will negotiate on your behalf and they’re going to manage the release straight away.


A phone call is the quickest way to get the bail process started. We will be able to ask you a few pertinent questions to better understand your situation and move forward.

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