Addison, Connecticut

Addison, CT, is a small town in the state’s northeast corner. It is known for its rural landscapes and agricultural heritage. The city is home to a few small businesses and a few hundred residents.

Addison, CT, is located in the Litchfield Hills region of Connecticut. This region is known for rolling hills, forests, and picturesque villagesJJ. The town is also located close to the Housatonic River, which offers plenty of fishing, boating, and hiking.

Addison is located in the town center area of Litchfield County at 419’N 734’W (41.48, -73.74). It is bordered to the east by Warren, to the west by Middlebury,

Addison CT is a great place to live if you enjoy nature and outdoor activities. The town is also close to several larger towns and cities, which offer various cultural and entertainment options.

Addison, CT is also known for its many historical landmarks. The Compton House, located in the center of Addison, was built in 1783 by Thomas ComptonJJ. It has been restored to preserve its original colonial architecture. The town is also home to three other homes that were built before the American Revolution.

The population of Addison, CT, is about 500 people.

Addison, Connecticut, was the birthplace of William Fenn Peck (1810-1880), who founded the town of Peckville, Pennsylvania. He also developed the Delaware Water Gap and what became known as Peek’s Kill in New York State. This stream flows into the Neversink River and is the only tributary of the Delaware River. Peck also organized and drilled the first militia company in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

The town is in the New Milford School District, which also includes the towns of Gaylordsville, New Milford, and Sherman.

The town has a post office with the ZIP code of 06779.

The town’s major roads are:

Route 47, which runs north-south through the town;

Route 341, which runs east-west through the town; and

Route 8, which is the main road connecting the town to the rest of the state.

The town has a few small businesses, including a grocery store, a hardware store, and a few restaurants.

The town is home to a few hundred residents. Most of them are families with children. The town is also popular among retirees.

Addison includes the following neighborhoods:

Town center;


Simsbury Center; and

Manjacks Corners.

Other areas in the town include:

Pine Hill, which is home to Summit View Ski Resort; and

Coles Brook, where residents access Peck’s Kill.

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